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Angela’s Signature Facial includes deep exfoliation and cleansing, extractions, warm, fragrant facial towels, Japanese-style dermaplaning, a mini chemical peel, a delicious shoulder, neck, face, and head massage, customized mask for your skin type, oxygen infusion, and my serums and moisturizers to nourish your completely revitalized skin… and spirit.

There is a true art to providing the perfect, relaxing, rejuvenating facial, and I pride myself on honoring every procedure and transition, with deliberate calm and care for each of my clients. This highly-personalized approach, in a welcoming, immaculately clean environment, is my hallmark.

The first step I take with every client is to create a sense of peace and tranquility.

You may have just fought through some crazy, L.A. traffic, after a full day of work to arrive at my doorstep, so I’ll encourage you to take a deep breath and get comfortable on my adjustable, reclining treatment table, to completely change your state.

To prepare you for the deep exfoliation and cleansing, the most important part of a facial, I provide a gentle steam mist on your face – this to open your pores and allow for thorough extractions. I then perform a Japanese-style dermaplane, in which I skillfully use a special scalpel to scrape-off the top layer of dead skin. Following the dermaplane, I may recommend the microdermabrasion exfoliation on your face and neck to remove the secondary layer of dead skin, to open pores and return them to their normal size, and to minimize wrinkles and blemishes.

Throughout all of these specific procedures, I am your ever-present guide, talking you through each stage and using a fragrant, soothing, hot towel wrap to transition your face to the next application.

From there, I apply a mild chemical peel to refresh and firm your skin, and promote cellular renewal, accompanied by my gentle facial and neck massage.

A customized facial mask for your skin type is applied, and following a shoulder, arm, and hand massage, I’ll spray 100% pure oxygen delicately onto your skin to promote deep, penetrating healing, and a radiant, surface glow.

Finally, after I’ve applied growth factors and glyco-proteins, for increased hydration, and faster recovery of your skin’s appearance following these dermal procedures, I’ll provide healing serum, eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen to seal-in all the regenerating benefits.

And that, my friends, is the Art of the Complete Facial. Your skin can now breathe, and look renewed.

Whatever our ending session, I’ll send you on your way with a heartfelt thank you for placing your trust in me, and with the necessary serums and creams to apply that night. Within a couple of days, you’re skin will be softer and healthier than ever before. I look forward to seeing you.

*For additional details, please read my blog: The Art of the Facial

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