Paris Hilton lives a life of many hyphenates. She’s an heiress, the head of a perfume empire, a decorated DJ, an actress, a singer,  the list goes on. And now, the most well-known Hilton is making her debut as a entrepreneur with a new skin care line called ProD.N.A.  We are very proud to announce this is now available at Nice Skin Beverly Hills!

Paris “literally met with world-renowned chemists and scientists to tackle select beauty concerns.” The result is a skin-care line that aims to repair skin cells damaged by UVA and UVB exposure before your skin shows the visible effect of sun damage.

There are four unisex products: Lift and Firm Eye Cream, Advanced Recovery Serum, Dual Action Cleansing Gel, and the Face and Décolletage Cream. They contain a “GenoMatrix” complex using enzymes sourced from microalgaes in the Mediterranean Sea, and together they help repair cells, improve elasticity, and reduce pigmentation, fine lines, and dullness.

In true Hilton fashion, there’s some glamour beyond just seaweed. The eye cream contains diamond powder, while the serum contains something called “caviar lime,” which evens discoloration and smooths and brightens skin.

Hilton knows how to give the people what they want, come discover the science of D.N.A. repair enzymes for yourself while supplies lasts.

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